Transition Program - Step Into Prep

Our extensive ‘Step into Prep’ program is a comprehensive and innovative approach to preparing kinder students for the exciting journey into primary school. We understand that the transition from early childhood education to formal schooling can be a significant step, and we are committed to making it as smooth and enriching as possible. 


Our program involves a number of half days on Fridays throughout term 3 and at least 7 full days of school on most Fridays throughout term 4. The buddies program is delivered by an experienced primary school educator. It’s a carefully crafted curriculum that combines academic readiness with social and emotional development. We introduce students to the fundamental skills they will need for primary school, such as literacy and numeracy, but we also emphasize skills like problem-solving, communication and teamwork.


As well as being extensive, our transition program has a personalized approach. Our educators work closely with each other and parents to identify each child’s strengths and areas where they may need more support. This ensures every child is well-equipped to succeed when they step into the primary school environment.