Our buddy program is a fantastic initiative that exemplifies our value of community within our school. It pairs our older year 6 students with our younger Foundation students to create meaningful connections and a sense of belonging. For younger students, having a buddy is like having a trusted friend and mentor right from the start of their school journey. Along with our extensive Prep transition program, it eases school transition, making the experience less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Buddies help answer questions, navigate school environments, assist with learning and create a warm and inclusive atmosphere. 


For our senior students, being a buddy is an opportunity to develop leadership and mentoring skills. It instills a sense of empathy and responsibility, as they guide and support their younger peers. Through the program, they become role models and develop a strong sense of pride in their role within the school community. 


The Dunolly Primary School Buddy Program goes beyond pairing students; it fosters a culture of empathy, kindness and respect. It is about creating friendships and unity within our school. It not only helps our youngest students but shapes responsible and compassionate leaders for the future. Buddies is a testament to the caring and inclusive environment we aim to create in our school, where every student feels valued, supported and encouraged to thrive. It truly embodies the spirit of our school community.